NOBU+ のぶ+(プラス)

  • Cooking Nobu's Dishes with Ryuta Kijima

    Learn how to cook the dishes on Izakaya Nobu's menu with Japanese star chef Ryuta Kijima! He arranges the many delicacies in his own, tasty way. Bring the real taste of Nobu straight to your own kitchen!


    Quick & Easy Japanese recipes! Cooking the Dishes of Isekai Izakaya Nobu

    Ryuta Kijima

    He was born in 1981 into a household of food enthusiasts. Both his mother and grandmother were real cooking experts! After graduating from college, he first worked at an apparel maker before following his passion: food. His creative, modern dishes are popular parts of many magazines and TV shows.

  • Kenichi Nagira: the Search for Izakaya Nobu

    Every day, Izakaya Nobu makes its otherworldly guests happy with its delicious food. Kenichi Nagira, expert on all things izakaya, searches for pubs in the real world that serve Nobu's iconic dishes.

    Kenichi Nagira

    Born in 1952, he made his debut as a folk and country singer. Nowadays, Kenichi Nagira works as a TV personality, actor, and essayist. He is an expert on Japan's traditional pubs and has written numerous works on izakaya and drinks.