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    • Category:Steak, Teppanyaki (Iron Grill) Cuisine
    • Location:Ginza (Sony Building / Former Nikko Hotel Area)
    • Average price:12,500Yen (Lunch:1,600 Yen)
    • Steak house that has been running for 20 years in Ginza, the town where people seek the real taste
      Enjoy a gracious time while appreciating elegant skills of our exclusive chef in front of you
    • Category:Restaurant or Bar, European Other, Italian Cuisine
    • Location:Ginza (Sony Building / Former Nikko Hotel Area)
    • Average price:5,000Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • LIVE performance and Italian master chef Tsuchikado's flamboyant dishes.
    • Category:Beer Halls, Beer Restaurant, German Cuisine
    • Location:Oshiage
    • Average price:4,000Yen (Lunch:1,500 Yen)
    • World Liquor Importers on the 7th floor of Soramacih, Tokyo Skytree. A paradise of beer with a collection from around the world.
    • Category:Thai, Vietnamese
    • Location:Center-Gai/Koendori
    • Average price:1,500Yen (Lunch:900 Yen)
    • Enthusiastic Thai & Vietnamese cuisine. The harmony of exquisite flavors of dishes made with plenty of herbs and spices. If you try these dishes once, you'll be addicted.
    • Category:Yakiniku (BBQ), Horumon (Offal)
    • Location:Shimbashi
    • Average price:7,000Yen (Lunch:1,200 Yen)
    • 56 years in Shimbashi, Tokyo. We provide the highest grade Wagyu beef grill.
    • Category:Kaiseki (Traditional Multi-Course Meal), Local / Regional Cuisine, Seafood
    • Location:Ginza (formerly Matsuzakaya / Ginza Core Area)
    • Average price:5,000Yen (Lunch:1,500 Yen)
    • Ginza feast. Sophisticated traditional Japanese cuisine, showing love of the seasons.
      Direct connection to Ginza Station, next to A4 Exit, located on B2 floor of Ginza Core Building
    • Category:Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
    • Location:Ueno
    • Average price:2,350Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • A chain of Japanese-style bars, representative for Japan.
      Come to our restaurant, as we offer reasonable prices and peace of mind.
    • Category:Beer, Bar, Italian Cuisine
    • Location:Akasaka
    • Average price:3,500Yen (Lunch:1,000 Yen)
    • We are a Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association recognized restaurant. Try our Bagna Càuda with more than 20 different vegetables. Bookings are available for chartered parties.
    • Category:Shabu Shabu, Ryotei (Traditional Japanese High-class Dining), Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot)
    • Location:Ginza (Sony Building / Former Nikko Hotel Area)
    • Average price:18,000Yen (Lunch:4,000 Yen)
    • Black Japanese beef Shabu Shabu, seasonal tempura, etc.
      Enjoy Japan's four seasons in spacious private rooms
    • Category:Dining Bar, Oyster Bar, Pizza
    • Location:Shiodome
    • Average price:4,000Yen (Lunch:950 Yen)
    • Fresh from the sea! Best raw oysters in season delivered from all around Japan!
      All you can eat oysters for 3,500 yen on Thursdays, Sundays and national holidays!
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