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    • Category:Yakiniku (BBQ), Horumon (Offal), Japanese Other
    • Location:Kagurazaka
    • Average price:7,000Yen (Lunch:1,100 Yen)
    • A relaxing space where carefully selected brand black Japanese beef and Japanese atmosphere blend
      You can find the main restaurant and its annex in Kagurazaka
    • Category:Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Beer Halls
    • Location:Tachikawa
    • Average price:3,500Yen (Lunch:850 Yen)
    • Enjoy fresh meat directly delivered from our own farm and a rich variety of domestic beer.

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    • Category:Yakiniku (BBQ), Horumon (Offal), Banquet Halls, Motsunabe (Horumon Hot Pot), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
    • Location:Omori
    • Average price:3,890Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • MEGA horomon (pig innards) & carefully selected pig innards and BBQ are our pride.
    • Category:Local / Regional Cuisine, Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Udon Noodles, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Japanese Other, Creative, Japanese Fusion
    • Location:Marunouchi
    • Average price:3,500Yen (Lunch:600 Yen)
    • One-minute walk from Tokyo Station. One-minute walk from Otemachi Station.
      Delicious “88 temple pilgrimage” dishes.
      Enjoy Seto Inland Sea fish and authentic Sanuki udon noodles!
    • Category:Banquet Dinners, Japanese Other, Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot), Local / Regional Cuisine, Kaiseki (Traditional Multi-Course Meal), Fugu (Puffer Fish, Blowfish)
    • Location:Yurakucho/Hibiya
    • Average price:10,000Yen (Lunch:2,500 Yen)
    • Easy access from Yurakucho, Hibiya, Marunouchi, and Otemachi
      Traditional banquet dinners, Japanese cuisine, pufferfish, black Japanese beef, all-private rooms, rooms with a hollow under the table to stretch legs
    • Category:Italian Cuisine, Pasta, Seafood
    • Location:Nishishinjuku
    • Average price:4,000Yen (Lunch:1,000 Yen)
    • [5 minutes' walk from Shinjuku station west exit] Authentic Italian cuisine restaurant.
      Reasonably priced delicious dishes prepared with fresh seafood and carefully selected ingredients directly procured from contracted farmers.
    • Category:American, Italian Cuisine, Spanish Bar / Italian Bar, Beer Halls, Dining Bar
    • Location:Kagurazaka
    • Average price:3,000Yen (Lunch:850 Yen)
    • 5 min. walk from Iidabashi station. Good location! New York style bar
    • Category:Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Vegetarian, Local / Regional Cuisine, Other Grilled Meat Dishes / Meat Dishes / Skewers
    • Location:Ginza(GinzaHankyu/CorridorArea)
    • Average price:3,500Yen (Lunch:850 Yen)
    • We are accepting reservations for courses that feature carefully selected ingredients from Awaji Island.
      A variety of coupons to apply for your reservation available. Call us before your arrival for the reservation.
    • Category:Okinawan Cuisine, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Oden
    • Location:ShinjukuWestEntrance/Tochomae
    • Average price:3,000Yen (Lunch:825 Yen)
    • All you can drink for 2 hours course from 3,500 yen.
      You can extend each course for one hour with additional 500 yen.
      Come early to grab good seats on good days.
    • Category:Indian, Nepalese, Indian Curry, Beer, Bar, Cocktails
    • Location:Yushima
    • Average price:2,500Yen (Lunch:900 Yen)
    • How about Indian and Nepalese cuisine prepared by local staff?
    • Category:Amusement
    • Location:ShinjukuEastEntrance/Kabukicho
    • Average price:6,000Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • One of a kind in the world. Robot show. Robots dance and battle. Japanese Taiko drums and marching band, tanks and bombers appear on stage with the dancers. If you want to have some exciting time, come to ROBOT RESTAURANT.
    • Category:Houseboats, Tempura (Deep Fried Shrimp and Vegetables), Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish)
    • Location:Harumi
    • Average price:10,500Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • Beautiful night view
      Bird's eye view of Tokyo Bay area night view
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