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    • Category:Chinese, Szechwan, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Gyoza (Chinese dumplings), Ramen
    • Location:Hamamatsu/Daimon
    • Average price:4,000Yen (Lunch:850 Yen)
    • We have round table in private dining room. Enjoy our frozen draft beer.
      Also you can enjoy our special Jumbo Dumplings.
    • Category:Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Japanese Sake, Shochu Bar
    • Location:ShinjukuEastEntrance/Kabukicho
    • Average price:4,500Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • 1 min. walk from the south and east exit and the central east exit of Shinjuku station
      Outstandingly fresh and carefully selected fish purchased from fishing boat coming back on the same day
      Suitable for business entertainment in private room at the east exit of Shinjuku station

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    • Category:Banquet Dinners, Local / Regional Cuisine, Fugu (Puffer Fish, Blowfish), Kaiseki (Traditional Multi-Course Meal), Ryotei (Traditional Japanese High-class Dining), Kappou (Fine Dining at a Counter)
    • Location:TokyoStation(Yaesu)
    • Average price:10,000Yen (Lunch:2,500 Yen)
    • 3-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station, Yaesu Exit. Hospitality in all-private rooms.
      Perfect for receptions and meals. Also available for banquets.
    • Category:Italian Cuisine, Pasta, Pizza
    • Location:Asakusa
    • Average price:6,000Yen (Lunch:2,000 Yen)
    • Enjoy moments of supreme bliss while enjoying the view of the Tokyo Skytree and its surroundings from the last floor of the Asahi Beer Tower.
    • Category:Sushi, Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Local / Regional Cuisine
    • Location:Hatsudai
    • Average price:4,000Yen (Lunch:1,800 Yen)
    • Enjoy your meal while enjoying the extraordinary view from 230 meters above ground. Both the panorama and the dishes are authentic.
    • Category:Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Japanese Other, Vegetarian, Local / Regional Cuisine
    • Location:ShinjukuEastEntrance/Kabukicho
    • Average price:4,000Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • [Access to Shinjuku East Exit Location
      3 minutes' walk from JR Shinjuku East Exit. 
      Come to us to find a pub with private rooms near Shinjuku East Exit.
    • Category:Italian Cuisine, Spanish Bar / Italian Bar, Pizza
    • Location:Shijokarasuma/Karasumaoike
    • Average price:3,000Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • TAROW is a bar for everyday use, where you can noisily and cheerfully enjoy yourself.
    • Category:Shabu Shabu (Beef Lightly boiled in water), Tonkatsu (Panko-Fried Pork Cutlets)
    • Location:KagoshimaCity
    • Average price:2,500Yen (Lunch:1,000 Yen)
    • We offer 1) Kurobuta pork direct from our partner farm, 2) local cuisine, and 3) authentic shochu selected by our shochu advisor.
    • Category:Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Local / Regional Cuisine
    • Location:Sapporoodori
    • Average price:2,500Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • 3-minute walk from Odori Station
      Hokkaido ingredients and delicious dishes from all over Japan are available!
    • Category:Dining Bar, Banquet Halls, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
    • Location:ShinjukuWestEntrance/Tochomae
    • Average price:3,000Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • <Private Dining Rooms with a screen> You can bring in 8mm video and DVD player!
      Chilled beer that you want to drink straight after work!!
      <20% discount coupon available> All-you-can-drink course from JPY4,000.
    • Category:Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
    • Location:Shijokarasuma/Karasumaoike
    • Average price:3,500Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • A restaurant where you can enjoy plenty of fresh seafood dishes, as our restaurant is proud to be a leader in the acquisition of fresh fish in Kyoto.
    • Category:Sushi, Seafood
    • Location:Tsukiji
    • Average price:6,000Yen (Lunch:1,050 Yen)
    • Edo-style sushi with a history of 80 years, loved from long ago even by foreigners, too.
      We serve fresh fish and shellfish.
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