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    • Category:Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Other Grilled Meat Dishes / Meat Dishes / Skewers, Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers), Chicken Dishes, Grilled Skewers (Meat and Vegetables), Japanese Sake, Wine, Udon Noodles
    • Location:Ebisu(Hiroo/GardenPlaceArea)
    • Average price:3,800Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • Authentic chicken dishes. Only 0.5 minute' walk from the station. Banquet up to 60 guests.
    • Category:Motsuyaki (Grilled Offal), Motsunabe (Horumon Hot Pot), Nabe (Japanese Style Hot Pot), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Horumon (Offal), Grilled Pork Dishes, Beef Tongue
    • Location:Akasaka
    • Average price:4,500Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • We serve you "Mentai Motsu-nabe(Boiled giblets with seasoned cod roe)" with lots of seasoned cod roe in Uchikawa, Hakata and other special dishes.

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    • Category:Yakiniku (BBQ), Horumon (Offal), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Motsunabe (Horumon Hot Pot)
    • Location:Oimachi
    • Average price:3,890Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • Must have MEGA Horomon (pig innards) & Gorimacho
    • Category:Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Creative, Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers), Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Italian Cuisine
    • Location:Sennichimae/Hozenjiyokocho
    • Average price:2,800Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • Popular izakaya (tavern). Various kinds of delicious dish and drink to sooth away your everyday fatigue!
      If you can't decide, choose our restaurant!
    • Category:Motsunabe (Horumon Hot Pot), Horumon (Offal), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Local / Regional Cuisine, Teppanyaki (Iron Grill) Cuisine
    • Location:SeibuEastEntrance/MinamiIkebukuro
    • Average price:3,500Yen (Lunch:1,000 Yen)
    • ○ Hakata style giblet hotpot Ohyama is located on the 8th floor of Ikebukuro Parco.
      ○ Taste Ohyam's unique and secret special flavor.
      ○ Course menu available from 2,480 yen per person.
      ○ Tourists are welcome!
    • Category:Yakiniku (BBQ), Horumon (Offal), Korean, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Banquet Halls
    • Location:Shinbashi
    • Average price:3,800Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • Private rooms – 2 rooms that can accommodate 4 people each, and 1 room that can accommodate 12 people.
    • Category:Café, Spanish Bar / Italian Bar, Dining Bar, Party Spaces, Italian Cuisine, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), European Other, Fast Food
    • Location:Kawagoe
    • Average price:3,000Yen (Lunch:1,000 Yen)
    • 2-minute walk from Hon Kawagoe Station
      Enjoy some relaxing, elegant moments
    • Category:Pacific Rim, Dining Bar, Italian Cuisine, Banquet Halls, Darts Bar / Virtual Golf Bar, Asian (Other), Café, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
    • Location:Kawagoe
    • Average price:3,000Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • - -
    • Category:Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki (Iron Grill) Cuisine
    • Location:Hiroo
    • Average price:3,500Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • Enjoy Osaka specialty in Tokyo! Okonomiyaki (Japanese traditional pancake) in Tokyo reminds us of "NORO"!!
      Baked in the restaurant. Even the newcomers don't need to worry.
    • Category:Italian Cuisine, Spanish Bar / Italian Bar, Dining Bar
    • Location:Oshiage
    • Average price:5,000Yen (Lunch:1,200 Yen)
    • Located right in front of the world's No.1. Sky Tree.
      Situated in the best location and suited for a variety of occasions such as a chic anniversary dinner.
    • Category:Shabu Shabu (Beef Lightly boiled in water)
    • Location:Ginza (Sony Building /Former Nikko Hotel direction)
    • Average price:3,400Yen (Lunch:850 Yen)
    • A popular, old restaurant, in business for more than 20 years in Ginza. The founding place of all-you-can-eat shabu shabu.
      Enjoy our high quality meat served with the best sesame sauce in Ginza.
    • Category:Eel / Hamo (Pike Eel), Fugu (Puffer Fish, Blowfish), Seafood, Japanese Other
    • Location:Kitashinchi
    • Average price:4,000Yen (Lunch:- - Yen)
    • Welcome to Fuguyoshi, the special restaurant for boiled fugu (blowfish) dish!
      Quality private rooms are available.
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