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Tottori prefecture is in the east side of the San’in area, which is part of the Chugoku region. Its capital is Tottori city. It has the smallest population of all the 47 prefectures in Japan. It has sunny climates from spring to fall while in winter, cloudy days or rain and snow are frequent. There is not much snowfall in the coastal region, but the inland is a heavy snowfall area, and the temperature may drop to 15-degrees below zero (Celsius). The famous tourist spot, Tottori Sand Dune, is in Tottori city. Tottori Sand Dune is one of the three famous sand dunes in Japan and is designated as a national natural monument. Tottori is also an industrial city with lots of liquid crystal factories. The central district thrives around Kurayoshi city known Morefor its “lines of storehouses with earth and white mortar,” and there are many hot springs such as Misasa and Togo hot springs that are known as one of the most famous radium springs in the world. Mt. Daisen, one of the 100 famous Japanese mountains, stands in the western part of the prefecture. Since the soil of Tottori is sandy, the prefecture has put much effort in improving irrigation. As a result, production of scallions, pears, and watermelons is thriving. Also, since there were no adequate ports in the distant past, the fishing industry never really flourished, and instead, tofu dishes were developed as local specialties. Tofu chikuwa, made by mixing fish paste and tofu, and tofu rice, prepared around the winter solstice, are well known. Menus using another local specialty, snow crab, are also famous. Sweet pickled scallion is another popular local specialty. Mizuki Shigeru, the leading artist of monster manga and creator of the popular “Gegege no Kitaro” series is among the famous natives of Tottori. The shopping arcade in his birth town of Sakaiminato city is named “Mizuki Shigeru Road.” Many objects of legendary monsters from all over Japan are installed in the 800-meter area that leads to the Honmachi arcade from Sakaiminato station.

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