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Hokkaido is the northernmost island in the Japanese archipelago and is the largest of the 47 prefectures in Japan. Its gross area occupies 20 percent of the entire country. Since it is surrounded by ocean, marine product industries are thriving, and it is also one of the most thriving places in Japan for farming and livestock breeding thanks to the vast amount of open land. Yields of agricultural production such as potatoes, wheat, and beets, from which sugar is made, are the highest in Japan, and rice farming is also flourishing. In addition, Hokkaido is known for milk and dairy products. Here, the temperature difference is extreme between summer and winter. The snow begins to pile up in later December, and the ground is covered with snow until Marc Moreh. It can get extremely cold in the Dohoku areas such as Wakkanai, Abashiri and Kitami as well as in the Doto areas, and the temperature could drop 30-degrees below zero (Celsius). Sapporo city, which is the center of Hokkaido, is a large city with a population of 1.92 million, and 60 percent of Hokkaido’s population is concentrated here. Sapporo became globally well-known after the 1972 Winter Olympics were held there. As for the gourmand food of Hokkaido, sushi, ramen, and Mongolian barbeque are popular among tourists. Also, curry soup and soft serve ice cream made with plenty of milk are loved by the local people of all ages. Unique local dishes of Hokkaido include ishikari-nabe with salmon and deep fried chicken called zangi. Hokkaido also has its own ways of preparing authentic common dishes. For example, potatoes are added to butajiru (pork soup) instead of yams, and sweetened red beans are used instead of regular red beans to make sekihan (red bean rice). When the weather warms up, grilled corn stalls appear in Sapporo’s Odori Park to signify the arrival of a new season. There are many hot springs in Hokkaido. In addition, many tourists both from Japan and abroad come to Hokkaido for mountain climbing, camping, and touring in the summer and for winter sports in winter. The Sapporo Snow Festival held in February each year has over a 60-year-long history and has become a famous event that represents Hokkaido.

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